We have a group of people that volunteer their personal time to keep us together, to organize meetings and to provide what is needed for the alumni, and beyond that, we have many strong hands, many great minds and many able members who can bond together for the success of the children, of our classrooms, of the alumni, of AMI, and of ourselves. When you join TAMIA, join because you care about the child, and about the success of each other. Our alliance is about activity and our vocation is about service. We will only be served by our alumni group when each of us vows to give as much as we receive."

TAMIA Executive

Sandra Girlato


​Natalie Falcitelli


Daniela Ferrante




In order to qualify as  a TAMIA member you must hold an AMI diploma in any level of training.

what we do

TAMIA provides workshops and lectures for its members and  forums for discussion of academic concerns with other Montessorians. TAMIA serves as an information base for contact between alumni and suggests available professional resources.

mission & vision

"TAMIA is a convivial group of talented, strong, learned and dedicated individuals, who have come together to support one another in our daily work on behalf of the child. Our commitment to the child is universal and unrelenting. Our individual trainings, based on the teachings of Dr. Montessori, haven given us the strength and insight to uphold, propagate and further the pedagogical principles and practices formulated by Dr. Maria Montessori for the full development of the human being (AMI Aims, Article 3). We must exemplify the principles of Dr. Montessori, not only in our professional lives but in our private lives. Our pledge is to be active in our classrooms and in our communities, locally and globally because Montessori is a social movement. If we see a need we must find a way to fill it, if we see a possibility for change or improvement then we must assume the responsibility to do the work, if we have the will then we will be successful. 


  1. 1987 - TAMIA was formed by a group of alumni to support one another on behalf of the child.

A message to TAMIA from Sandra Girlato
(a founding member of TAMIA)

Toronto AMI Alumni

To bring together the AMI alumni interested in propagating, maintaining and furthering the rights of the child in society.

To promote and support the Montessori philosophy as upheld by AMI.